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Pumpkin cake with a side of stereotypes

pumpkin cake

Proof! I can cook!

Recently at work, one of my favorite senior staff members was handing out a recipe for some tasty pumpkin treat, but she skipped past me. I piped up that I liked tasty pumpkin treats too, and then something weird happened.

She stopped. She cocked an eyebrow in what can only be described as a haughty manner, and said, “Do you cook?” But it wasn’t just a simple question; it held connotation, like, “Pfft. Do you even cook?”

Being the good-natured gal that I am, I laughed it off with her. She even admitted afterwards that she had made a sweeping generalization to people my age (since when do thirty-year-olds not cook, I’m not sure, but that’s a separate topic), and it’s all good. I know I can cook; my husband knows I can cook; whoever reads this blog likely knows I can cook. But I have to wonder about stereotypes. What is it about me that screams, “hey, how do I boil water?!” And, more importantly, what else is that voice saying about me?

Anyway, want to take a guess as to what happened next? Obviously I went home, baked the recipe like nobody’s business and wrote this post. Cheeky? I hope so. Meant in good humour? Of course!

The delicious cake pictured here is Laura Calder’s Pumpkin Cake. Give the recipe a try… that is, if you can even cook!

pumkin cake

Laura Calder’s pumpkin cake, prepared by moi. Pumpkin pie off to the side made by my mom.