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19 Facebook Etiquette Rules for Business

It’s pretty clear that there’s a lot of “noise” out there about the do’s and don’ts of social media. It can be tough to sift through to find what’s really of value. I came across this great list of etiquette rules for Facebook from Top Dog Social Media, and it’s as true for business as it is for the general user. It’s a great mix of respect, sense and just plain old being yourself! And it takes tips from some of my faves in the SM world, including Mari Smith and Melonie Dodaro.

Facebook Etiquette Rules

The 36 rules of social media (infographic)

You have to see this infographic! I found it on Pinterest (it seems to have originally come from Ultralinx) – I’ve been staring at it for awhile and can’t stop! It’s clear that a lot of thought has been put into it and every time I look at a different space, I see something new, and my mind goes somewhere different. It’s so good! And so darn smart, wouldn’t you say?

Simple. Clear. Stylish. Smart. That’s fantastic social media – and totally share-worthy. So I’m sharing it with you. Enjoy.

Some of my favorites are:

  • Stop and ask – would an actual person talk that way?
  • Always write back.
  • Not everything will work – and that’s fine.
  • What’s your favorite?

(Click on the image, and then click again, to see a bigger version.)

The 36 rules of social media - from jessicaquinn.ca

The 36 rules of social media.