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Engaged in work (and health) through… dance?

flash mob

The healthy living flash mob! (photo by http://www.yellowribbonphotography.ca)

About a month ago, I started work on the most exciting project I’ve ever worked on in my professional career – a flash mob! It was part of a campaign I led from a communications standpoint with the healthier you promotions working group at work to promote healthy living in our public – including healthy eating, active living and finding a balance of health in day-to-day life. And I don’t think I’ve ever been so engaged in my work – EVER.

The campaign involved a daily blog post (sometimes two in a day) to the Northern Health Matters blog and a lot of social media marketing on all of our channels. It was the first time I got to put some of things I learned from my master’s degree research paper into real practice (and I really should summarize that here for my readers in a future post!). It sure felt good to know that my time over the last couple years (doing my degree work) has resulted in some sort of practical value.

Anyway – the flash mob! Seriously, how cool is that? But boy, was it a lot of work. Permission from multiple administrators, finding a choreographer (Lisa from Be Unique Fitness was the one and wow, was she fantastic!), finding people to participate (including certain key people), organizing rehearsals, finding space for rehearsals, finding a photographer (Yellow Ribbon Photography!), fielding infinite questions, etc etc etc. Not to mention learning the steps myself! Yes, I can now cross “dancing in a flash mob” off my life list! So all that work was well worth it!

Watch it now!