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Snapseed mobile photo app – true photo love

Whenever I’m looking for an app for something, I usually do a ton of research looking for the best in category for what my needs are. But one day I randomly found a photography app called Snapseed when I wasn’t even looking. And an hour later, I was in love.

The app has a ton of features anyone would be familiar with, such as cropping, tuning and straightening, but the real prize is the variety of special effects options. My favorite effect, one I use for almost every photo I take with my iPhone or iPad to at least some degree, is tilt-shift. It lets you create a bokeh effect to varying degrees. The area, transition and blur strength is totally adjustable by the user, making for some pretty rad effects.

The app cost me $4.99 but is totally worth it for anyone using their mobile devices for photo editing. The pic below was taken today, on my local hospital grounds.