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Reconfirming my geekdom

My sister and I are planning a fun photo shoot this weekend that I can’t wait to share with you. In talking about it this afternoon, she mentioned it will be good for me to share it on my Facebook page because apparently, as she tells me, not everyone is as into social media as I am. This is how our convo went down:

Sis: You need to post more stuff about you on your Facebook page so people get to know you. Social media is kind of boring. Not everyone thinks infographics are cool you know.

Me: Really?! (with such sincere incredulity that I’m pretty sure my voice squeaked like a 14-year-old boy’s)

Sis: (bursts out laughing) Ohmigod I just crushed your world!

Me: My page is about social media… what would you suggest I post there if not that?

Sis: Well, for example, you could post neat things that you just pinned. Like, “check out this cool thing I just pinned!”

Me: But the cool thing I just pinned was likely a social media infographic.

Sis: Silence.

Yup. Still a geek.