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Feedly vs. Flipboard


Feedly – the best alternative to Google Reader?

You likely know by now about the impending death of Google Reader. In March, Google announced that its RSS subscription service will be no more as of July 1, 2013. This made me pretty sad, considering how beautifully organized I have all my feeds. I was forced onto Google Reader during my master’s degree (during a technology in communication course that taught us something else already entirely obsolete), but still maintain my lists thanks to Flipboard – an app that allowed me to import my Reader feeds and turn them into an easy-to-read magazine. But now that I won’t be able to continually update my Google Reader, I’m left stumped about what to do.

As I mentioned, Flipboard is great – it’s a relatively simple and stylish interface that keeps allĀ  my categories in place so I can read what I want, when I want. I can easily share articles of interest to my linked social media profiles or save certain articles (mostly recipes for me) for reading later. But while it automatically syncs any changes I make to my GR account, I can’t seem to find any way to add/change feeds within Flipboard itself. Which means to me that it’s either 1. not there, or 2. too hard and therefore annoying. And if I can’t do it, I’m kind of stuck with what I have when GR goes away. Not good.

Feedly is a similar application that seemed to come out of nowhere the second Google Reader made their ghastly announcement. On their blog, they said that over 500,000 Google Reader users joined their platform within 48 hours of the Google’s decision. I have finally gotten around to trying it out and I think it’s going to fill the Google Reader shaped hole in my heart just fine.

Features I enjoy:

  • If you join before July 1, 2013, you can seamlessly migrate all of your feeds (and any of your created categories) over.
  • You can update your feeds, add new ones and modify any existing categories. Yay!
  • You can share articles to your social media sites and you can save articles for later.
  • There are several different view styles, depending on your liking (even one that looks very similar to Google Reader)
  • It works on your desktop/laptop in addition to having an app for iPhone/iPad/Android etc. (easier to initially set up on your computer, by the way).
  • It’s super easy to use.
  • The interface is simple, clear, attractive and easy to read.

Feedly seems to hit the mark, barring any tricks they have up their sleeve. How about you? Are there any new services that you’ll move to as you say goodbye to Google Reader?