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Growing my network

I just have to share a couple of really great moments from yesterday! Really great in that my little JQ business is doing pretty darn good, I’d say…. a bit scary in that my little JQ business is doing pretty good. I’ll admit it’s uncanny at how quickly some things are happening for me, when I’ve honestly been minimal effort into marketing myself, aside from blogging a couple times a week and starting my Facebook page. And here I am with two fun pieces of news for you.

Firstly, yesterday morning when I woke up, I was greeted with the notification that my Facebook page (which I started in early February) had gotten its 100th like! I promptly posted a Thank You picture (which I created a few days ago as I approached the milestone, as any good SM manager would!). Yay!



And secondly, last night, I headed off to local bookstore and cafe Books & Co. to film a Shaw TV spot called “The Lunch Counter” with locals Garth Frizzell (CEO of Terra Cognita Software Systems and City of Prince George City Councillor) and Shauna Harper (Live Work PG Online Marketing Specialist). They’re both very knowledgeable and do so many great things around PG, I’ll just link to their LinkedIn profiles so you can see for yourself!

Shaw's The Lunch Counter

Filming “The Lunch Counter” at Books & Co. with Garth and Shauna

The segment involves a round table discussion, tonight’s being on – you guessed it – social media. The producer asked us her first question and we didn’t stop talking until another producer cut in and said “Ok guys we’re at 27 minutes.” I’m pretty sure we could have talked all night! So it will air on Shaw in a couple weeks, and we’re trying to convince them to put the whole thing online (other than the teasers I linked to above) – I’d love to share it with you all! It was a great time and hopefully we can get together to do another unofficial version of it soon!

Put this day in a week which still holds a social media presentation and three client meetings and you’ve got one busy JQ!

Why I love social media

This week I launched a facebook page where I can post my social media thoughts, share some other companies’ social media content and do what I love: build an online community… for myself! I’m really looking forward to connecting with some of you fabulous folks about everything social!

Since this marks a bit of a “launch” for my business, and I (hopefully) will be gaining some new followers, I thought it’d be a good time to share why I’m so into this whole “social media thing.”

i heart social media

So here are my top five reasons why I <3 social media:

  1. The possibilities are endless. There’s always something new to explore, figure out and strategize around. New advancements in the social media world are innovative, exciting and can make real differences to public relations and business – even to families. How cool is that?!
  2. Connection. I’ve always been a bit of an introvert, especially around new people. I was the kid who always had her nose stuck in a book. So being able to let my personality shine to the world online is almost liberating. I can connect to people who I might otherwise not have had the nerve to talk to, and feel good about it.
  3. Instant gratification. Granted, this is not always a good thing for businesses with an online presence who have to monitor for both positive and negative feedback (I’ll write a post about the benefits of this risk later!), but as a user of social media myself, this is what it’s all about. If I want info, I can ask and get it now. If I want to talk to someone, I can now (notice how many people will respond to a Facebook message faster than answering the phone these days?). Even if I want to give someone a piece of my mind, I can now (but I highly discourage this of course — once it’s out there, you can’t take it back!).
  4. My network. Friends have moved away, I’ve moved away from family… thanks to social media, they’re still close to me. Living hundreds of miles away doesn’t necessarily mean growing apart when you can see pictures and events in their daily lives whenever you want. Even my grandmother has recently joined Facebook to see what we’re up to!
  5. It’s so FUN! I sometimes lose myself for hours when writing a blog post, following hashtags on Twitter or scanning Instagram photos.

You turn – why do you love social media?