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Copper (March 11, 1994 – August 18, 2011)

It is with great sadness that we announce that Copper, beloved pet and family member, is no longer with us. Copper is survived by her family: Lewis, Sandra, Jessica (Russell) and Nicole (Ben) and numerous animal cousins.

A happy family pet for 17 long years, Copper maintained a youthful exuberance, bounding around to greet and play with her family and dog friends, until just days before her final one.

Copper joined the Johnson family in April 1994, a rescue from the Chilliwack SPCA. Jessica and Nicole, then 11 and 5, selected the bronze-haired puppy with the black and white nose from a litter of wriggling black lab/border collie mixes, and snuggled with the tiny, furry creature in the back seat of the car, all the way back to the Johnson’s home in Boston Bar, BC. Jessica likes to recall how Copper kept her nose firmly stuck under Jessica’s arm, trying to hide from the new people. The puppy was later named by Sandra.

Throughout her years, Copper enjoyed being a childhood companion to the girls. All three often explored the woods behind their Boston Bar home, and then their later neighbourhood in Prince George. Copper never sat out from a good game of ball, a camping trip or a photo opportunity. In fact, some of our fondest memories of Copper are on family camping trips, where she took immense pleasure in swimming, drinking lake water, helping Lewis load up for fishing, eating potato chips (her favorite snack), barking at kids on bikes and chasing squirrels.

Copper’s remains will eternally lay to rest on Lewis’ and Sandra’s property in Prince George, and her memory will remain in the family’s hearts forever.

Rest in peace, our little Copper-Bop.