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Five social media resolutions for 2014

I’m not usually one to make resolutions, but the new year is definitely a time where I feel motivated to refresh my efforts in many aspects of my life — health, hobbies, work, etc. So why not look at your social media strategy and add some fresh thinking to it too?

social media resolutions 2014I know there are tons of 2014 posts going around right now, but I want to present my five social media resolutions for this year.

1. Step back and think strategy. It’s sooo important to outline your goals for using social media and to tie them to your overall marketing objectives. Take time to revisit what your goals were when you started (or to look at this now if you’re just starting out) and think about what you want to get out of social media, how you’ll approach it, how much time you’re willing to devote and how you’ll measure the benefits of your time. This big picture strategy will help keep you on track all year round. It helps you remember why you love social media too.

2. Try something new. This could be anything from curating great content a couple times per week for your audience, starting conversations in with new audiences, or trying out a new social media platform you’ve been watching for awhile. If the latter, I suggest Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google+ — G+ is my “try something new” for this year most definitely (but I’m already on the others of course!). (BTW, why not connect with me on Google+?)

3. Think visuals. People love a pretty picture. This is why Instagram is so successful. Try posting a photo with anything you put up on Facebook, and try this with Twitter more often too. Always have a picture in your blog posts. Be creative. If there’s nothing quite obvious to include, then make your own! I often use PicMonkey to create graphics  with pretty backgrounds and the titles of my posts to use as an image (including in this post).

4. Be consistent. “Gain your audience with quality, keep them with consistency.” This is a great quote from a recent Klout blog post on creating content. Even if you’re only posting once a week, people can expect that from you. Although I recognize we all do it sometimes (myself included), there’s nothing worse than visiting a page that hasn’t been updated in awhile. Nothing will stop your traffic more than that. On the flipside, if you post often (on whatever platform you’re using), you’re on the forefront of your audience’s mind much more. Try creating a content plan for the upcoming week or month – this will make consistency all too easy!

5. Think about blogging. I still stand by the claim that blogging can be one of the most important tools in a marketer’s toolbox. If you don’t have a blog yet, why not try your hand at blogging? Take a look at some of my old posts about the primary benefits of blogging and top rules for blogging and then go for it!

What 2014 social media resolutions would you add to this list?

A new northern BC blogging gig!

Balance Rock, Haida Gwaii

I <3 northern BC! Taken on my recent trip to Haida Gwaii.

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or subscribe to me on Facebook, you’ll know this already, but I want to say it again: Destination BC (formerly Tourism BC) has asked me to be a blogger for their new blog! The blog will launch in the next week over at HelloBC.com. And you can’t even believe how stoked I am!

As you know, not only do I love storytelling, but I love love LOVE food, the outdoors and northern BC – and this gig will let me write about all of that! I can write about local food and drink, hiking, snowshoeing, camping, events… it’s pretty open and I’ll be contributing between 2-4 posts per month.

I’ll be sure to post teasers here for you so you can read the whole post over at the Destination BC blog!

And Prince George/northern BC people – if you have ideas of things you think I should write about or profile in our area, let me know! It’s my goal to be your voice and let all of the great readers know how fantastic the north is! (Send me a note or shout me out on Twitter).

Stay tuned for my first post in the next couple weeks!

The five “Be’s” of blogging

Now that I’ve told you all why you should start a blog, I’m presuming you immediately ran over to WordPress or Blogger and started a fantastic blog of your own. Right?! Both platforms offer a variety of design options with ready-to-go themes; Blogger is a bit more user-friendly for the blog-newbie and definitely better for those who don’t want to muck about with the techy side, whereas WordPress offers more flexibility in terms of creating your own design.

Great! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far! (And tell me where I can find your blog – I’d love to see it!)

Blogging is a great outlet whether you’re sharing it or not, whether for business or personal, but no matter what, the fact that you’re writing online means you want other people to read it, right? There is definitely a thrill that runs up my spine when I look at my visitor stats or get a new comment – and disappointing for sure when there’s zilch!

I wrote a post last year on blogging and brevity that I invite you to check out, but I wanted to share something new – a few tips to keep you going with your writing, in both business and personal, which will hopefully get you some new visitors to your blog.

The Five "Be's" of Blogging

The Five “Be’s” of Blogging

Be conversational
Nobody said a blog post has to be expertly written. Now is your chance to be less formal, and write more like you might talk to a customer or even a friend. Even the major grammar nerds (like me) will forgive the occasional fragmented sentence when it’s on a blog! And for bigger organizations, blogs provide the opportunity to move beyond the “corporate” image and present a friendlier side to the company. (This isn’t license to be unprofessional though, of course.)

Be personal
Remember how I said in my last post that people love a personal story? Well share it! Create that connection – show them who you are. At the very least, write in the first person, and if this is your business, share a picture of yourself with your readers!

Be snappy
People don’t always want to read long, rambling posts. Instead, they’re looking for short, snappy, to the point messages, but with substance. Keep it succinct. Even use bullet lists and subtitles for the reader that just glances through. Keep it to under 500 words.

Be share-worthy
What makes you want to share a post? It’s fun(ny)! It’s interesting! It’s practical! Anything else? On your post, share tips about something you’re good at, share links to other resources, share an awesome picture you took (or found, giving credit of course).

Be inviting
Always invite your readers to share back with you. This is how you get the conversation flowing! Make sure your online voice says you’re approachable. End your post with an open-ended question, letting them know you want to hear back from them. And always accept other points of view with class.

So tell me, what tips have you learned while blogging?