I can help with:

  • Social media consulting in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr or blogging
  • Support setting up social media profiles for your business
  • Workshops and training
  • Ongoing social media support and management
  • Online and multimedia strategic planning
  • Social media marketing campaigns
  • Social media monitoring
  • Blog copywriting


1. 60 Minute Hands-On Consultation
Get my undivided attention for an hour to discuss your questions about your social media marketing strategy, specific profile layout, best practices, content development, or anything else to improve your marketing!
One hour….. $125

2. Beginner Social Media Marketing Strategy
Putting together a solid social media marketing strategy is the most important part of jumping into social media. Simply put, a social media marketing plan involves some consultation, an audit, research, recommendations and the delivery of a 3-5 page plan/strategy. Through an initial phone consultation, we would talk about your current social media usage, your goals, online brand, time availability, long term vision, etc. Then I would complete the audit (which looks at all of your active platforms and make recommendations for improvements); and the final delivery of the plan includes my research and recommendations on which social networks you should be using, strategies for specific networks, and tips/recommendations on dealing with content development and management, amount of time to invest, guidelines, etc, as well as a sample content schedule. My goal is to provide something that will give you a straightforward plan and guidelines for maintaining a consistent and successful social media presence.
One site….. $250
Two sites…..$400
Three sites….. $500
Add on: site implementation… $200+

3. Social Media Training
I can provide one-on-one or group training for you and/or your business or organization. Training will be personalized and geared toward your business; I will come prepared with a general overview of your current social media activities and recommendations for improvement. We will cover what you feel is most needed, including content strategy, online etiquette, strategies for specific networks, tips, best practices, and more.
One hour….. $200 (up to three people)
Two hours…. $400 (up to three people)
Four hour workshop…. $700 (group)

4. Social Media Management & Maintenance
Want to hand over the keys to your social media presence completely? I can manage your accounts and execute your marketing strategy on your behalf. This will include developing a content plan (with your input and approval) and posting regularly to your Facebook page, Twitter profile, Instagram account, etc., as well as engagement and monitoring.
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