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A summer vacation

So it seems I inadvertently took a summer vacation from most things social media! Inadvertently because I didn’t necessarily intend to stop posting on many of my channels over the last couple of months, but I’ll tell you – it was a good thing! Everyone needs to “unplug” once in awhile – it’s good for your heart, soul, marriage, health and, ultimately, even your passion and business.

I’ve still been busy though, but in that long-days-of-summer kind of way! Some highlights:

In its typical fashion, September has arrived in a flurry of activity, deadlines and new projects! I’m working on some new projects with new clients, am dedicated to amping up my blogging and am very excited to have been invited to the CPRS Prairie Mini-Conference in Regina on October 3 to present my case study of the award-winning campaign I worked on!

Let’s get back to work, shall we?!

Growing my network

I just have to share a couple of really great moments from yesterday! Really great in that my little JQ business is doing pretty darn good, I’d say…. a bit scary in that my little JQ business is doing pretty good. I’ll admit it’s uncanny at how quickly some things are happening for me, when I’ve honestly been minimal effort into marketing myself, aside from blogging a couple times a week and starting my Facebook page. And here I am with two fun pieces of news for you.

Firstly, yesterday morning when I woke up, I was greeted with the notification that my Facebook page (which I started in early February) had gotten its 100th like! I promptly posted a Thank You picture (which I created a few days ago as I approached the milestone, as any good SM manager would!). Yay!



And secondly, last night, I headed off to local bookstore and cafe Books & Co. to film a Shaw TV spot called “The Lunch Counter” with locals Garth Frizzell (CEO of Terra Cognita Software Systems and City of Prince George City Councillor) and Shauna Harper (Live Work PG Online Marketing Specialist). They’re both very knowledgeable and do so many great things around PG, I’ll just link to their LinkedIn profiles so you can see for yourself!

Shaw's The Lunch Counter

Filming “The Lunch Counter” at Books & Co. with Garth and Shauna

The segment involves a round table discussion, tonight’s being on – you guessed it – social media. The producer asked us her first question and we didn’t stop talking until another producer cut in and said “Ok guys we’re at 27 minutes.” I’m pretty sure we could have talked all night! So it will air on Shaw in a couple weeks, and we’re trying to convince them to put the whole thing online (other than the teasers I linked to above) – I’d love to share it with you all! It was a great time and hopefully we can get together to do another unofficial version of it soon!

Put this day in a week which still holds a social media presentation and three client meetings and you’ve got one busy JQ!

Upcoming social media presentation

I will be giving a presentation on February 28, in Prince George, called “Engaging a healthier life: Evaluating social media in health promotion.” It’s for the Innovation & Development Commons (IDC), which is a partnership between Northern Health and UNBC. The presentation will be based on my master’s degree research, so in my opinion, it’ll be very interesting! Feel free to come by (no heckling please) or watch by webex if you’d like!

Click on the pic for all the details!

(click the image to make it larger)

(click the image to make it larger)

An honour to be nominated

Healthier You AwardsLast night I attended the 6th Annual Healthier You Awards, an event presented by the Honourable Shirley Bond, our Prince George-Valemount MLA.

Health & Wellness Innovator of the YearI’m not one to normally attend functions like this, but last night I was nominated for three of the awards – Health & Wellness Advocate of the Year, Health & Wellness Innovator of the Year, and the Technology in Healthcare Award. My name was put forward due to the health promotion work I do at NH, such as the recent September Healthy Living Challenge, which encompasses a lot of social media and online marketing work to engage our audience to live a healthier lifestyle. What an honour to even be nominated!

And I was certainly in good company. I didn’t take an award home, but I’m happy to say that the right people did. I was in the same categories as the NH Chief Medical Health Technology in Healthcare AwardOfficer (he won two awards) who’s involved in some amazing initiatives at work that I have the pleasure of being a part of; another doctor who’s been involved in some great technological projects such as creating an electronic medical record system; and some other projects that will be sure to make a huge difference to health care in the North (such as our brand new Cancer centre).

My friends tell me I’m too modest, but if I’m being honest, it boggles my mind a little that I was even for a minute considered next to people and projects like this. At any rate, I really do appreciate my co-workers taking the time to nominate me. That recognition is award enough for me!

On the BCFHPS conference and candy

I did it! I have successfully given my first presentation to a conference audience (outside of my workplace). And boy did it feel great! I snapped the pic below of people as they were filtering in the room; there ended up being about 50 people in total.

My audience – I had about 50 people in there by the time I started talking!

On Sunday night, there was a meet and greet at the hotel for all conference attendees, so I asked to see the room I’d be in to get a feel for it (and to help visualize it in my head). I met a few people, had a glass of wine and some cheese, and whenever I started telling people about my topic, I’d get all fired up, so I knew I was ready.

Later that night, I had a late dinner with my MAPC pal Fiona, and she prepped me even more with a very thoughtful care package! All sugar, all comfort. She’s a keeper!

candy and wine

Motivational candy from my friend (and motivational wine from myself).

I must say, on Monday morning (my presentation was scheduled for 1:30), my nerves were really getting the better of me. I stayed in my room and ran through all 40 minutes of my talk several times. Before I went to the conference floor, I stood in the bathroom and took 10 giant deep breaths to clear my head. And wouldn’t you know, it helped. I smiled at everyone as they filtered in the room, and my nerves cleared. They were just people, just from another health authority and had no idea what I was going to say. I started talking and it all went smoothly from then on. Sharing the videos, particularly the flash mob video, caught the most excitement. I even managed to get a few good laughs from the audience!

I’d say it was a grand success in my world :).

Yesterday, I got an email via LinkedIn from someone who saw me speak, wanting to add me to their network, and her note said, “I am impressed by your presentation today. You know your topic so well. You certainly do not look like a first time speaker to a large group. You can add public speaking to your list of accomplishments.”

Isn’t that fantastic? Totally made all the nerves worth it!

Public speaking – check!