A summer vacation

So it seems I inadvertently took a summer vacation from most things social media! Inadvertently because I didn’t necessarily intend to stop posting on many of my channels over the last couple of months, but I’ll tell you – it was a good thing! Everyone needs to “unplug” once in awhile – it’s good for your heart, soul, marriage, health and, ultimately, even your passion and business.

I’ve still been busy though, but in that long-days-of-summer kind of way! Some highlights:

In its typical fashion, September has arrived in a flurry of activity, deadlines and new projects! I’m working on some new projects with new clients, am dedicated to amping up my blogging and am very excited to have been invited to the CPRS Prairie Mini-Conference in Regina on October 3 to present my case study of the award-winning campaign I worked on!

Let’s get back to work, shall we?!

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