Google+: Adding a Custom URL

As you’ll remember from my 2014 social media resolutions, I plan on putting a lot more effort into Google+ this year. I’ve watched it for a couple years now, but like many people, have never really gotten into the thick of it. It just didn’t offer me what other social media sites were. But I’m determined to “get it” this year, and after spending more time there this last month, I have actually already made some great new connections. So that’s promising.

I’m positive there are others in the same boat as me, so I’d like to share with you what I learn about G+ as I go, no matter how big or small. This post is a little late perhaps, as G+ custom URLs became available last October, but it’s still an important action to take in order to claim your name.

G+ custom URLs are available to people who have had an account for more than 30 days, have more than 10 followers, and have a profile photo. When I was eligible, I received an email, and noticed an alert at the top of my screen when I signed in that said, like this:

Google+ custom URLI clicked “Get URL” and from there the process was simple. Just follow the instructions!

Unfortunately, there was one snag that irritated me. Apparently there are too many “Jessica Quinns” (even though there is no G+ address with just that name) so I was forced to add some extra letters to the end. I couldn’t even insert my middle name between my first and last to match it up with my Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts. And so, my address became (throwing the “BC” at the end).

Google+ custom URLI settled (only slightly crankily) on the name and moved on.

Google+ custom URLIf you’d like more detailed instructions on how to get your Google+ custom URL, there’s a great step-by-step article on Social Media Today. Give it a shot!

And if we’re not connected yet, find me at and let’s get exploring Google+ together! Stay tuned for more G+ articles in the future as I learn my way around better! (And if you have great tips, please do share!)

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