A new northern BC blogging gig!

Balance Rock, Haida Gwaii

I <3 northern BC! Taken on my recent trip to Haida Gwaii.

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or subscribe to me on Facebook, you’ll know this already, but I want to say it again: Destination BC (formerly Tourism BC) has asked me to be a blogger for their new blog! The blog will launch in the next week over at HelloBC.com. And you can’t even believe how stoked I am!

As you know, not only do I love storytelling, but I love love LOVE food, the outdoors and northern BC – and this gig will let me write about all of that! I can write about local food and drink, hiking, snowshoeing, camping, events… it’s pretty open and I’ll be contributing between 2-4 posts per month.

I’ll be sure to post teasers here for you so you can read the whole post over at the Destination BC blog!

And Prince George/northern BC people – if you have ideas of things you think I should write about or profile in our area, let me know! It’s my goal to be your voice and let all of the great readers know how fantastic the north is! (Send me a note or shout me out on Twitter).

Stay tuned for my first post in the next couple weeks!

3 thoughts on “A new northern BC blogging gig!

    1. Jessica Post author

      Thank you! Looking forward to your posts as well. I’ve already started actually – on your Facebook page :). Looks like the two of you have great times!!

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