Top five big “don’ts” in social media


I love this meme. If you have a proper strategy, you’re probably more likely to avoid any of these social media “don’ts.”

I’ll admit, at first glance this may appear to be a list of personal social media pet peeves. And it is, in a way. But it’s not so much that as it is a dire warning, to you who engage in social media marketing, to not do these things! There are best practices and bad practices and faux pas, but these are the big “don’ts” in social media, the absolute no-no’s.

  1. Don’t EVER not respond to tweets. Especially customer questions! I recently tweeted a local business to ask if they carry a particular item I was looking for. They never responded (but they have tweeted since then; yes, I checked). Did they lose this sale? Yes. Will I be as likely to check with them again in future? No. Always monitor your social media feeds. Always.
  2. Don’t spam people. Is it just me, or is there lately a large amount of people on twitter, tweeting about whatever, but then mentioning other random twitterers at the end of their tweet? For example, @so-and-so says “Big juicy chicken quesadillas on special tonight @randomretailbusiness” … does this make sense? I understand attaching a person to the end of a tweet if it’s about them, or maybe of particular interest to them, but when it’s done for the sole purpose of hoping that person will retweet it because that person is fairly influential but the content is completely irrelevant… well, that’s spam, my friend. Stop doing it! (Yes, this has happened to me a couple times lately, and it’s not ok.)
  3. Don’t share other people’s content without adding your own opinion or thoughts. Yes, share great, relevant content (e.g. articles, photos, studies, etc.) to your Facebook or LinkedIn pages, but always add your personal touch – that’s why people are following you!
  4. Don’t use words/phrasing/slang etc. that doesn’t represent how you want to be portrayed. You know, those “words of the day” (like “awesomesauce” – what does that even mean?). Unless you’re a 16 year old boy with a Facebook page about skateboarding, it doesn’t work for you and it’s just annoying… which brings me to my next point.
  5. Don’t be annoying. I recently started following a brand on Instagram that I really like. One day when I checked my feed, they had posted about fifteen pictures of a similar wintry scene all back-to-back. The first was nice, so was the second, the third was ok… and then, I was just annoyed having to scroll through so many to get to the next photos. Their posts would have been much more effective had they posted one photo every hour or so – hitting different viewers and not being annoying.

What big social media no-no’s would you add to this list?

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