Random happy

A couple years ago, I started a Tumblr, as did millions of others. I was just giving it a try, as I do with any new social media platform. I called my Tumblr “random happy.” I figured, who doesn’t need a random happy thought, a random happy picture, or a random happy injection into their day?


random happy

Given that Tumblr is just another place to share the same thoughts as Twitter or this blog, but with less engagement and more annoying gif photos, I started ignoring it, and it’s now just a place that collects my random happy instagram photos, thanks to the ease with which instagram allows me to share to it. (Disclaimer: preferences to social media sites are very subjective, so you may love Tumblr and hate Twitter, and that’s fair.)

But I can’t abandon the “random happy” idea. It’s just too good a title. So I’m going to bring it here, through photos I’d like to share with you. Even though I found this picture on Pinterest recently. I had to laugh at myself because for whatever reason, I’ve been obsessed with this concept lately and have tried to integrate it into some of my work promotion strategies too. So what? I still like the idea.

As much as you may want to make fun of these “random sentences over a background,” I like it because it’s a very shareable concept. Why would anyone share plain old text on sites like Facebook, when they can share a beautiful picture with inspirational text? I would certainly click the all-important share button much more promptly for a good picture than just some text (which can’t actually be shared without copy-paste on Facebook anyway). These pictures are pin-able, FB-share worthy, likeable and tweetable all in one. And what’s wrong with brightening someone else’s day a little?

So, with that idea in mind, I’m going to bring my random happy random words on a photo to my blog. You’ll see a new random happy every week, and I dare you not to want to share it! ;)

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