A ‘Likeable’ company

Likeable BusinessWhile I was doing my master’s degree research on social media marketing, I read almost every current book and article about social media that I could get my hands on. After countless hours of highlighting, note taking, falling asleep drooling on pages, and reflecting, I decided that Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen was, by far, the most practical and useful guide to social media success that was out there. And I wasn’t shy about tweeting this fact out, and even sharing my thoughts with the author himself via Twitter (resulting in a quick Twitter convo with him, because naturally, he’s a rather likeable fellow himself!).

Imagine my delight when last week, I randomly received a free copy of his new book, Likeable Business, in the mail! How likeable is that?!

I’ve just started flipping through the book, and the first chapter is about listening (a lost art in my opinion, so very nice to see this) and opens with a quote from one of my favorite all-time authors, Hemingway. So I know it promises to be a great read and quite likely as informative and practical as the last.

I’ll keep you all updated on my thoughts as I delve into it, and I still intend on summarizing some of my favourite social media take-aways from Likeable Social Media and some of my other readings. Stay tuned!

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