Home, warmth and love live in my slow cooker

crock pot

Halfway time to what smells like it will be delicious!

You know when you come home after being away for a couple hours and you had put some food in the slow cooker before you left, and when you walk back through your door, the smell hits you like, “Boom! I’ve been doing amazing things while you’ve been away and you get to eat me later!”? That right there is a moment that I cherish. It’s home, it’s warmth, it’s love. You gotta love those small things, you guys.

Today I’m making a really great looking recipe from a blog that has really become one of my favorite cooking blogs – Eat, Live, Run. The recipe is for slow cooker beef carnitas tacos, as as you all know, I typically find recipes and then alter them to make ’em my own, but this recipe (as are all that I’ve tried from Jenna) looks simply amazing and I didn’t change a thing!

I came home to this most savoury smell a couple hours ago – and I still have two more hours to wait to taste them! It’s slowly killing me, but I think it’ll be well worth it!

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