I’m feeling a little scattered today. And if it wasn’t for this Blogathon challenge, I honestly probably wouldn’t bother with a post. However, feeling the pang of obligation, here I am, Internet. You’re welcome.

Clearly this won’t be a regular sort of post. So I just want to leave you with some thoughts for the day:

  • It’s May 17. Today is snowed. ‘Nuff said. My disappointed tone should say enough. Yeah, you heard me, Weather.
  • It’s Champagne Thursday. To me, this means two things: 1. Grey’s Anatomy, of which it was the heart-wrenching season finale tonight (yes, my guilty pleasure); and 2. My friend McG, who will be arriving tomorrow for the weekend from Vancouver! Me: tres excited.
  • People are inconsiderate. This follows my comment yesterday about how people don’t watch what they’re doing and have almost killed me many times over the last couple weeks while I’ve walked along, minding my business. Today I drove, and almost got in accidents twice, through no fault of my own. It appalls me that I still am appalled at the audacity, incompetence and inconsideration of others.
  • Tomorrow’s Friday. Before a long weekend. That’s enough to make anyone dance around the kitchen, singing Jump On It.

So with that, I raise my glass and say, “Cheers. Happy Champagne Thursday.”


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