On walking around Prince George

In my quest to live a more healthy and active life, I’ve taken to walking. Yup, just walking. I’ve been walking the 2km from my house to work on occasion and walking downtown during my lunch breaks.

It really is fascinating to me how much more I’ve been noticed when I walk places I normally drive every day. In becoming more familiar with my community – where I’ve lived for fifteen years – I am finding more reasons to love it.

Things I’ve seen or noticed during my walking trips in the last couple of weeks:

  • I randomly ran into my best friend, who is a geology technologist, working on a site downtown. That was a nice surprise.
  • A old guy riding down the middle of the road, on a bike that looked homemade, yelling at the top of his lungs, “WEEEEEEEEE!”
  • People who shouldn’t be driving. This almost almost deserves its own post, but I thought I’d spare you the rant. In the last two weeks, I’ve come THISCLOSE to getting hit by a car THREE times while I’ve been walking. Once, I was crossing a side street along a main one-way road, when all of a sudden a lady crossed the main road super fast in order to do so before traffic came, and then slammed on her breaks inches from my ankles. Really? Just today, someone came speeding out an alley and I managed to stop right before my toes got run over. And then he had the audacity to glare at me like it was my fault. Oops, didn’t spare you the rant after all. Sorry, internet.
  • People who live several blocks away are starting to recognize me and will wave or say hi like we’re neighbours. That makes me smile.
  • Dogs and cats who sit on the couches and stare out the front window are just adorable.
  • You can tell a lot about a person by how their yard looks. I’ve started to make it a game and perhaps will report back here later.
  • A couple times my husband has met me with our dog as I’ve walked home, and that makes me very happy.

My intent is to make this a bit of a series and take photos along the way to document some of the interesting, oddball or special things I see while walking along my fair community.

Have some fun stories about walking around your community? Please share!

2 thoughts on “On walking around Prince George

  1. Sandra

    What an awesome post Jessica! I love that you are walking more and seeing your surroundings in a new light!! I would love to go for a walk with you soon!!!


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