A passion and penchant for pretty pictures

One of my passions of days gone by was photography. It took up a lot of my life for quite some time, but somewhere along the lines, I somehow lost that passion. Can’t quite pinpoint when or why, though. Have been thinking lately that maybe it’s time to look for it. And maybe I’ll share that with you, dear internet.

These aren’t photos I’ve taken recently, but rather some of my favorites from the past. I’ve been yearning lately for the season of camping and hiking and playing on lakes; it’s so close, but still not quite here in our neck of the woods (I can barely bring myself to say out loud the fact that it … snowed… a bit today).

So these photos serve two purposes for me, both with the theme of sharing my passions: 1. for photography – perhaps motivation to get my groove back; 2. for the outdoors, and all the adventures that are waiting for me, just around the corner.

My dog, enjoying the sunset at a local popular fishing hole.
Paddling out at dusk.
Smiling to the sun – at Grizzly Den Provincial Park.
The lone flyfisherman.

3 thoughts on “A passion and penchant for pretty pictures

  1. Sandra

    I love that photo of Subi and the one of the lone flyfisher and the flowers….oh I actually love them all!!!


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