On blogging and brevity

Earlier today I read a blog post by Chris Brogan, in which he discusses boring blogs. This was my biggest fear coming into the Blogathon 2012 challenge – to not have anything to say every day. Or even worse, for this blog to turn into a “what I did today” blog, of which I loathe to admit there are hints. Now that’s boring.

Chris says to write about passion, so I’m going to try to stick to that:

  • Cooking
  • The outdoors
  • Health
  • Social media & technology
  • Writing

Those are the five themes you will (mostly) see – with the occasional personal or gardening post thrown in for flavour. I will work on planning ahead too, so I’m not always straining for a topic at the end of the day. And if I’m really struggling, I’ll just keep it short. Plain and simple.

Chris has some great advice for bloggers too. In the aforementioned post, he lists 5 tips for making your blog better:

  1. Brevity. Cut posts to sub-500 words.
  2. Structure. Write something others can USE.
  3. Simplicity. Big words are pretty. Help people understand the point, instead.
  4. Positivity. Writing angrily only works if you want to attract angry people.
  5. Outward-facing. Write more about others than you ever do about yourself. (www.chrisbrogan.com, May 7, 2012)

And he’s even got a giant list of his “best advice about blogging.” I highly recommend.

Thanks Chris!

[Note: Happy and interested to see Chris Brogan has a creative commons license on his blog.]

7 thoughts on “On blogging and brevity

  1. abraalani

    I’m afraid to admit that my blog is probably one of those boring blogs. I’ve been trying – especially this Blogathon month- to add more verbiage than I had before, but maybe that’s the wrong idea. I will take these pointers and see what I can do with them!

  2. mareyeka

    eek! One of my biggest writing fears (after not being able to deliver a project to a client) is having a boring blog.

  3. intralingo

    Welcome to Blogathon! This month of posting and learning more about blogging is quite incredible. For me it really helped define my passion and how to reach people. Brogan’s tips are spot on, too.
    Good luck and I look forward to reading more of you. I’m originally from the North myself (Yellowknife) and will always have a soft spot for its incredible beauty.

  4. Myrtle Spurge

    Good advice… I’ve seen info along these lines before. I’m on my 2nd “round” of blogging, and this time around, I’ve tightened my focus, and I’m definitely trying to be more outward-focused and useful. ;-) Brevity doesn’t always work…

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