Afternoon exploration

This past weekend – August long weekend – finally saw the arrival of summer. The sky cleared, ending a month of daily downpours, and the heat of the sun found my cheek.

My fiance, Russ, and I ventured into the backwoods, down Blackwater Rd southwest of Prince George, to escape the city and commune with nature, if only for an afternoon.


We happened across a beautiful field, filled with wildflowers, where the sun streamed through the trees like a refreshing waterfall.

Further down the road, we came to an amazing hidden jewel – a little lake, bare of houses, cabins or boats. I’ll reserve the right to mention the name of the lake, or the side road we were on, and preserve our secret fantasy that we will one day own it. The scene was perfect in its quietude. There wasn’t a noise to be heard that wasn’t the wind, the lake, a bird, or our own.

Now isn’t that just the height of serenity?


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